UAB Skirmantera - hydraulics partner since 2010.

The company was founded and registered in Šiauliai in 2010, and started operating in Gargždai. The company grew in the premises of Gargždas, found its circle of customers not only in Lithuania, but also began to communicate closely with foreign partners.
UAB Skirmantera activities:
  • installation of hydraulic superstructures: logging trucks, hook and chain hoisting systems, lifting cranes, flatbed tipper bodies, tailgates;
  • we sell various types of metal containers: for construction scrap, metal scrap, household waste;
  • we sell hydraulic waste presses: for film, paper, plastic, household waste;
  • we sell fully aluminum semi-trailers with moving floors, tipper semi-trailers, forestry semi-trailers, grain trucks, platforms for transporting sea containers;
  • we install hydraulics for heavy trucks;

Our team

We are very proud of our team, which has been assembled since the establishment of the company. Meet Kristina - the soul of the team, responsible for technical issues, Mantas - a serious person who looks at situations responsibly, Vaiva - a representative of paper and advertising matters. And the most friendly employees of our workshop who greet us with a smile, sometimes teaching each other or customers - Algiukas, Arūnėlis, Stasiukas!

Kristina Šiurkutė

Technical department +37067793935

Mantas Šyvokas

Project manager +37067024378

Vaiva Sebeckytė

Administrator +37067183429